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Salary Finance partners with TCG Group Holdings to deliver affordable credit access to educators across the US

Salary Finance, the leading global provider of financial education and salary-linked benefits for employees, announced today that it has partnered with TCG, a provider of investment and retirement planning solutions, to deliver more affordable credit access to millions of educators and other K-12 employees across the country. The joint solution enables employees to manage financial wellness solutions from TCG and payroll-deducted loans from Salary Finance through FinPath, TCG’s workplace financial wellness program designed to empower users to approach their finances with knowledge and confidence. 


“The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc with our educational system, keeping the majority of teachers and other school employees sheltered at home. In a recent survey, we found that many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck: 30 percent of Americans regularly run out of money before payday,” said Dan Macklin, CEO, Salary Finance Inc. “This partnership with TCG gives school employees access to salary-linked loans with lower interest rates. We are very excited about our partnership with TCG, a trusted partner to school districts and other industries across the country. It enables us to provide salary-linked benefits directly to TCG’s large client base, helping them achieve greater financial wellness.” 


TCG has established itself as a leader in providing financial and retirement solutions to school districts nationally, as well as other governmental and private sector employers. Enabling access to more affordable credit is an area of need for employees. In its recent study of nearly 3,000 US workers, Salary Finance found that salary-linked savings and access to affordable credit are two of the most desired benefits not currently being offered by companies. 


“Today’s increasingly complex financial environment demands an understanding of the full ecosystem. Our goal has always been to deliver the best guidance and solutions to our clients,” said Chris Jamail, CMO and Partner, TCG Group Holdings, LLP. “It’s wonderful to partner with a like-minded organization like Salary Finance that is catering to US workers and providing a truly unique offering that returns financial empowerment back to the individual and perfectly complements TCG’s already robust financial solutions.”


TCG’s FinPath platform is built on improving financial habits allowing users to determine a unique Wellness Score and providing personalized recommendations on improving it.  As a differentiator to the typical wellness platform that only includes learning modules, group workshops and budgeting toolkits, additionally, the FinPath program provides advice tailored specifically to the financial needs of the people it’s intended to serve, and delivers it in one-on-one conversations. Salary Finance’s salary-linked benefits will now be available to employees through the FinPath platform.


About TCG Group Holdings, LLP

TCG Group Holdings, LLP is comprised of a series of companies which provide interlocking and complementary services—including institutional and individual financial planning, benefits services, retirement plan design and implementation, portfolio and investment advising, identity protection, financial consulting, and other services. For more information on TCG Group Holdings, please visit

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