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Salary Finance works with your employer to give you access to new benefits such as dramatically lower interest employee loans. Find out more

How does it work?

You apply directly to Salary Finance for a loan. Loan repayments are generally deducted directly from your after tax salary just like other benefits. This eliminates the need to worry about making payments on time.

(Employees who primarily work in DC, IN, NH, NJ, NY and WV are not able to make repayments via salary deduction due to state law, and instead will be asked to choose an alternative repayment method, such as a bank withdrawal.)

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What are the rates and how much can I borrow?

Salary Finance employee loans have a fixed APR of 5.9% to 19.9%, making them an affordable alternative to many other borrowing options.

Loan sizes range from $1,000 to $5,000, capped at 20% of one’s salary. Loan terms may vary.

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Will I be accepted?

Salary Finance use a broader range of criteria than other lenders such as income and monthly expenditure. This means that we have higher acceptance rates than other lenders. We can be an alternative to those who find it difficult to get credit and have to resort to expensive pay day loans or high APR credit cards.

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Can I use Salary Finance to replace existing debt?

Absolutely! 75% of our customers (as of February 2019) use our employee loans for debt consolidation. This helps them get out of debt and into savings, allowing them to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


How do I apply?

Applying for a Salary Finance loan is completely confidential, your loan amount details are not shared with your employer. It can take as little as 5mins to apply and receive a decision. Most decisions are made within 48 hours.

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