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How does a salary-linked loan work

We partner with employers to offer employees salary-linked loans and other financial wellness benefits designed to improve their financial wellness, increase their credit score and move from debt into savings.

We pass on the savings

Collecting payments through salary deduction significantly reduces operational costs and the risk of loan default. We then pass these savings directly onto our customers.

(Employees who primarily work in DC, IL, IN, NH, NJ, NY, WV, and Puerto Rico (PR) are not able to make repayments via salary deduction due to state law, and instead will be asked to choose an alternative repayment method, such as a bank withdrawal.)

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Free to employers

Salary Finance is free to employers and works as a stand-alone platform or as a complement to other financial wellness solutions.

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Implementation is quick

Implementation can be done in a matter of days and ongoing maintenance is minimal.

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